The Big L – Lamination

Brow lamination! It’s all the craze now! You’ve probably seen it, just haven’t known what you’re looking at, or what it does. Or you’ve noticed that the latest brow trend is all about the FLUFF. Fluffy brows!! Make those brow hairs stand up and give you VOLUME.

Do you find yourself using brow gel to keep those unruly brows in place? Would brushing them just so reverse years of overtweezing by filling in some gaps? Or do you like that fluffy look but your brows are just so darn stubborn that they only point downwards and not even contact cement will hold them in place? You. This is for YOU.

Ok, so real talk. Basically brow lamination is like a perm. The solution breaks down the structure of the hair and rejigs it so that you can style it any way you want. You’ll see pics of brows that look like they’re being electrocuted, and wonder who the heck thought that looked good. I know — me too. Me too, girl. There’s a reason for this: If you perm them upright and crazy, it’ll allow you to get a tame, stylized, fluffy look when you style them and brush them upwards in the morning. I used to look at before & afters and wondered what possessed the artist to do that to a person’s brows, and after doing a few laminations myself… I GET IT! if you don’t brush them that way, you get a *merp* brow lamination. trust me, i’ve tried.

If you want some added oomph, you can also add a tint to the procedure and make your eyes stand out even more. You can also combine this with microbladed/tattooed brows!! If you didn’t want permanently fluffy brows when you had them tattooed, you can have them with a brow lamination. The thing i love about all of these new trends is they’re super easy to maintain, and we’re just building on what you’ve got naturally. It’s a quick 20 minute procedure, it last 6-8 weeks, and anyone can do it.

Cara Delevigne — eat your heart out, baby.

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