There’s a myriad of products out there claiming lots of miraculous things when it comes to your lippies. Google it, you’ll see i’m right! Today i’m talking about my new, and not so new, favourite lip products: The Polish, The Pout, both exclusively made for Bare Essentials, and a new addition to my lip routine — Fitglow Beauty lip serum.

First line of defence, a good lip balm: The Pout. A step we usually ignore, or forget, is keeping your lips hydrated with a good lip balm. Apply as frequently as you can remember to keep the dry lips at bay. Other factors can help you keep your skin hydrated, like drinking water — this is great for all of your skin, and not just your lips. I find when i’m using my lip balm throughout the day, i’m less likely to chew on them (guilty of this addiction, and you can often find me biting my lips when i’m working, stressed, etc).

Second line of defence, a good scrub: The Polish. Just like you’d exfoliate the skin on your face regularly, your lips are no different. I make this step part of my evening routine on a minimum. If i’m particularly dry, i’ll do it in the morning as well. You can’t overscrub your lips. Secret guilty pleasure, i love the way this one tastes. The mint flavour mixed with the sugar granules is kinda deeeelish. It’s also coconut oil based, so once you’ve scrubbed off the dry skin, it’ll leave them hydrated.

My newest addiction, and apparently according to the response on my insta-stories i’m not the only one: Fitglow Beauty Lip Serum. My question is, why have i never heard of this product before?! So i scrubbed my lips (top pic), and i was pretty happy with the way my lips looked. Lipstick would definitely apply smoothly and although i have some ridges in my lips, definitely not unhappy with the result. Then i applied my Fitglow lip colour serum, and took a nap. Not intentionally, i just had a goal for the day to take a nap (i’ve been busy with kids and work during this social-distancing time that i haven’t had a nap yet). Woke up a couple hours later, and my lips felt almost springy! Weird way to describe it, but the bottom photo still has some of the coloured serum (which is basically coloured gloss with serum in the formula). No editing, no filter. Pretty unreal, right?

So Fitglow beauty comes in at a 0 on the Think Dirty scale, which means they’re super clean. If you’re unfamiliar with Think Dirty, i’ve pulled this description from their website:

Think Dirty® is committed to helping consumers identify the potential risks associated with the personal care products they use every day. Unlike other ingredient databases, we focus exclusively on the chemical content of the products in question. We have consciously avoided the widely-used practice of “greenwashing”, whereby the environmental or social responsibility of a product’s manufacturer is factored into the assessment allowing a product to receive an artificially low toxicity rating.

We’ll be adding Fitglow lip products to the online store soon — keep an eye out so you can grab your own miracle lip product! In the meantime, The Polish and The Pout are already up, so grab yours today! Weekly pickups are every Saturday at Bare Essentials from 12-2.

Got any products you want me to review? Comment below!

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