The Truth about Lash Serums

Closeup — Riekie’s lashes. One of the estheticians at Bare Essentials Waterloo; these lashes are the result of consistent Eyenvy use. Undoctored, unfiltered. AMAZING.

So since i do quite a few lash lifts, a question i get asked frequently is: How do i make my stubby lashes look longer? I honestly get asked this question about as much as i get asked about brows, so if you’ve asked me (or thought about asking me), don’t worry — you’re not alone. I know everyone’s found some brand of lash serum, and often i’ve heard that they’re gimmicky and don’t work… This one though, this one is different.

The one product that i can recommend with zero, absolute ZERO, doubt is Eyenvy. Eyenvy is a lash serum that you apply daily, and in about 3 months of consistent use, you’ll notice your lashes are longer and fuller than ever! No gimmick, no sales pitch, just truth. Eyenvy is safe to use while wearing lash extensions, so if you’re thinking of weaning yourself off of them, this is a great step to add to your regimen. I know, i know. the thought of not having lashes on is crippling for so many of us (which is why the magnetic lashes have done so well), but this is one way to get those long lush lashes you’ve dreamt about. Pair that with a lash lift and tint, and you’re set.

Question is, how the heck does this serum work? It’s not a medication like latisse, which is approx $200, so what’s in this little tube that makes the magic work? I’m not a scientist, but i managed to find this breakdown online:


In essence, Eyenvy is like lash food. It strengthens the lashes, and allows them to grow in thicker and longer. It also strengthens the thin, fragile lashes and helps them grow in to their full potential, so you’ll see more lashes than you regularly would have.

Full disclosure, i’m not currently using Eyenvy, mainly because i wear strip lashes on a regular, daily basis; but when i was using Eyenvy, the difference was remarkable! You can also use this to apply to thinning brows to help them grow in, so a 2 in 1 product, always a bonus!!

The one thing i like to warn people of, is that once your lashes are long and lush, if you stop using the serum — your lashes go back to normal when the eyenvy lashes naturally shed. This isn’t a once-and-done kind of deal. It won’t damage your existing follicles, but it won’t change them forever! We’ve always got Eyenvy in stock, so DM us for more info. We also have the Eyenvy QUADS! These kits have your Eyenvy serum, mascara, fiber mascara, and liquid liner — for an amazing deal. DM or email me for pricing and availability.

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