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I swear it was just March Break yesterday. I know we say time flies when you’re having fun, and while I wouldn’t necessarily qualify self-isolation as “fun,” — it’s certainly busy enough that all of a sudden Mother’s Day is in 2 weeks. What. the. HECK.

As i write this, i’m realizing i’ll have to send my mom a gift, my mother in law a gift, my sister a card, my sister-in-laws… ugh so many moms in my life! Fortunately, there are local small businesses (myself included) that have come up with gift sets you can consider to buy for your moms! Or yourself… cause i know i pick out my own Mother’s Day gift on a regular. Who’s with me? This year I have asked for free weights. I have 2, 5, 10 pound weights but since i’ve been working out 5 days a week for the past 4 weeks (MOM WIN), the 10s are starting to get a bit light. $20 bucks says i won’t get it for mother’s day. I can hear it now — “you should have more faith in your husband!” … GUYS. it’s not that I don’t have faith in him, not that at all. I just KNOW how he is with gifting. I’m the one who comes up with gift ideas and purchases them. I send him 3 Christmas gift options for me, and almost every year on Dec 23, i get a phone call — “so i’m at (insert store name here), and they have it in blue, green, or black.”

blink. blink. ….. blink.

Feel free to show this blog post to your husband/partner, or better yet, just send him the direct link.

OPTION 1 through my store: Clean Beauty Gift Set. This one is great for the mom who wants to find better, cleaner alternatives for their beauty regimen. Nuud is an all natural deodorant, the tube itself is made of sugar cane, the box is recycled plastic. It is MY FAVOURITE natural deo, and i’ve tried quite a few. This one will cut the stink amazingly! It also includes a bath tea and shampoo block from Nana + Livy (sans packaging, the paper is recyclable) — the shampoo block has been getting RAVE reviews. And of course, a Daily Concepts micro facial scrubber! Exfoliate the dead skin off of your face, and store your scrubber in this handy-dandy usable package. It comes with a suction cup so you can stick the package onto your mirror or shower wall, and put your scrubber in the package to drain/dry! HOW COOL? Retails for $60!
OPTION 2: Flip Flop Fabulous Gift set. Get it? HAaa… I snickered too. Ok so Mom can’t get to a nail salon to get her toes ready for the imminent sandal weather, right? Ok so my favourite product for my feet is in this one — BABYFOOT. I get giddy when a person tries it for the first time. My mom is 75, and did it on her, and i swear her feet looked like MINE. Crazy. Plus some vinylux polish/topcoat for a long wearing polish in a neutral pink, toe separators, and a daily maintenance foot lotion from Footlogix. Retails for $70.
OPTION 3: Glowing Goddess Gift Set. Cause who doesn’t love a safe, sunless tan!? I know i always feel glowier with a tan, and walk with a bit more swagger. Mama needs some swagger right now. This kit includes the perfect entry into self tanner with the starter kit — Moisturizer (to help prevent dark spots on your elbows, knees, knuckles; it’ll also help to extend the life of your tan), Bronzing Mousse (in express, so you can determine how dark you want to go), Polishing scrub (to use beforehand to make sure it’s as even as possible, and afterwards when you’re ready to go back to pasty… as if), and a mitt for that perfect application. The kit also includes a St Tropez face mask in express to match your body, a sprunchie for that perfect lounge chic, and our famous Bare Essentials Scrub — because exfoliation is key to a great, long lasting tan. Retails for $80. (this is a steal, btw).
OPTION 4: Ok ok ok. ok. The ultimate self-care Sunday (and Mother’s Day is on a Sunday) package. Start by cleansing your face with your konjac sponge and cleanser, and scrub away your dead skin with the daily facial microscrubber. Exfolation is a key step in a self facial; you want to get off that top layer of dead skin so you can have your skincare actually penetrate your skin instead of sitting on top. Your rose quartz roller (which can be used room temp, but pop it in your fridge for a refreshing treat), can be used with your Hadaka Purity Marula Oil to reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles, and help with lympatic drainage. Finish it off with the Hadaka gold face mask for more hydration and the ultimate collagen boost. Done? Put on your eye mask and have some well-deserved beauty rest. Retails for $150.

Once you’ve picked your package, you can add on gift wrap for $5 — super cute pink/gold bag, gold heart tissue, and a sweet card from Pretty by Her. You’re welcome.

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