The Pandemic Pivot

If this quarantine, self-isolation, social distancing period (whatever you want to call it) has taught us anything, it’s that:

  • Don’t compare yourself to others, do what you need to do to survive
  • Use this time wisely, because at some point it’s all going to end and we’re going back to work. Soak up the time for self-care, or spend the time with your kids, take that online course, start that business idea, or binge watch that series you’ve always wanted to watch.
  • Dry shampoo is your best friend, and you can never own too many loungewear pieces
  • Put your jeans on at least once a week to make sure they still fit, but
  • Don’t feel guilty about eating that donut, but also
  • Try to get some workouts in because movement is medicine.

There are so many conflicting messages that we’re all being exposed to, and the message has never been more unclear. People are spending so much time on screens because they can, and because it’s entertaining, but it can definitely be a negative. The word i’ve been focusing on for the past 9 or 10 weeks has been: PIVOT. I heard my business coach use that term on a zoom call at the very beginning and it stuck with me. I’ve made some broad changes in my personal and business lives and I’m here for it.

My morning routine: wake up, get kids fed, get them started on their school work, and hit the elliptical for half an hour. At minimum, half an hour of cardio followed by 15-20 minutes of some strength training. I’ve followed a few accounts online that i use for inspo on strength training, so i change it up, but i’ve gotta say — i’ll be selling tickets to the gun show soon! Also, i’ve been watching Schitt’s Creek every time i’m on the machine. Kinda bummed that in a few days i’ll be done the whole series, and i’ll need a new show/movie to watch while i work out. Feel free to comment below with recommendations. So i work out 5 days a week… but i’m not really losing weight. I still eat. meh. Once this is all over, and i go back to my normal busy schedule, i won’t have the interest in boredom-eating. I’ll be too busy doing brows to want to eat!! I CAN’T WAIT TO DO ALL THE BROWS.

I’m definitely blessed — i haven’t fully embraced the homeschooling role like most other moms have. Peter is wayyyyyyy more patient than i am when it comes to the kids, and i’m kind of a meanie when it comes to teaching. He’s taken on a lot of the schoolwork and i step in when necessary. I help with art homework, spelling, occasional math work… but the kids definitely gravitate towards Dad when it comes down to it.

I have also turned into a full-time freaking chef. Is it just me, or does it feel like as the main meal-prep person, we’re always in the kitchen? Breakfast is easy most days, cause cereal is easy enough…smoothies are done in a jiff… but sometimes, i’m in the kitchen prepping something that seemed like a brilliant idea (cue cinnabon copycat recipe), but just ended up being a time-suck. Don’t get me wrong, homemad cinnamon buns are always a hit, and they’re definitely worth the reaction from the rest of the family, but the prepping, proofing, baking, icing, washing, putting away… ugh. And then when you’re done, you still have to make dinner! I often wonder what’s worse: making dinner, or coming up with what to make? We have meal prep convos on sunday evenings, and I make each person at the table give me meal ideas for the week. They’re not terribly inventive, but i’ll take it. Any idea is better than no idea. Amirite?

Amongst all this, I’ve done something i’ve generally said I wasn’t all that interested in: Online sales. I’m not a salesy kinda gal, but whenever i’ve been put in retail roles, somehow i’ve done well. I remember going back to my university days, I had a job at Fairview Mall (in Toronto) at a small boutique called Melrose. My boss, Harry, loved it when I was in — “Laurie! My superstar! Lets get some great numbers today! You’re my heavy hitter!” I was always surprised that he thought this of me because i was never really selling… When clients would come out of the change room, my face was very telling. I could not lie and gush about how great they looked when clearly it was too small, not the right cut, not the right colour, or just plain ugly. I think this has carried over to my online store, too. I’m not a BS-er. If i don’t like something, i’m not putting it up on my Shopify store. I’ve legit handpicked everything on there, and i’ve used 99% of my inventory. If i haven’t personally used it, someone i’m directly affiliated with has used it, and has vouched for it. Honestly, this online store has been the thing that’s kept me most busy, and fortunately has helped me pay my rent. Hah, not all of it — but a good chunk. So share my site with friends, post it on your social media, tag me, etc. When you buy from a small business, especially at a time like this, the support is immense and trust when the business owner says THANK YOU, they mean it on another level.

And although i’m not the best teacher for my children — i’m building some online courses. Some free mini courses, some bigger paid courses, because I’ve educated myself enough that i’m ready to educate others and raise the bar. This is the area i’m having the most trouble with, not because i don’t have the content, but because i’m all those other things — there’s always something to interrupt or distract me. I just need to lock myself away, hunker down with my laptop, and just get to it. Goal: finish ONE course by the end of lockdown.

That essentially sums up all of my lockdown modes: Morning workouts, part-time homeschool teacher, full time chef, online salesperson, and online educator. My head is spinning. In a way, i’m super grateful for having the time to tackle all of these things that i never would have had the time for beforehand. Pre-COVID, if i wasn’t with clients, i was with clients. Now i’ve got the time to hopefully finish all of the things i never had time to start. Don’t get me wrong: this post isn’t meant to make anyone feel bad, or show y’all how amazing i am. Everyone is doing GREAT, and everyone is doing what they need to do to stay sane, but instead of talking product, this post was just a conversational insight into a day-in-the-life. I feel like i’m funny and interesting enough. yeah? no? what do you think? will i get some comments in the comment box below?

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