The New Normal

Today’s announcement has everyone EXCITED and BUSY preparing to open with proper policies & procedures to ensure safety for all customers & clients of local businesses. It got me thinking about this whole NEW NORMAL. It is totally NEW. Experiences will be different, approaches will change, but the good news is we’re on our way BACK to providing you with the best in beauty services. We are still figuring out our official re-open policies & procedures, but there are some thing we do know…

The new normal isn’t going to be the way things used to be. It will include things like, masks, social distancing, arriving at your appointment alone, arriving on time instead of early, not coming in if you have any symptoms of a flu… Just because the economy is starting to open up, doesn’t mean the threat of the virus is gone. We have to remember we’re all still susceptible to being bit by this virus, and still need to be careful about exposure. So, that being said, here are a few protocols I predict we’ll have to adopt at Bare Essentials when we reopen:

• All staff and clients must wear a mask. If you don’t have one, we’ll provide one for you at a cost of $1. If you refuse to wear a mask, we’ll refuse service and have to enforce our cancellation fee.

• Show up 5 minutes early to your appointment to allow time for handwashing and checking in. If you’re new, you’ll be asked to fill out our new client waiver online prior to your appointment. If you’re a returning client, you’ll be asked to fill out our health check waiver prior to your first service back.

• Upon entering, you’ll be asked to wash your hands for 20 seconds. Handwashing is still one of the best preventative measures to stop the spread.

• If you have any symptoms of flu or illness, and cancel the morning of your appointment, our cancellation fee will not be enforced. Just be mindful to allow us enough time to fill the appointment.

• Don’t bring anyone with you to your appointment. This includes friends, and children. If you’re bringing your underage child to get a wax, our preference is for you to wait outside — however if you’re uncomfortable with this option, you’d be expected to wear a mask. We’re just trying to limit exposure for our staff here as well, but we understand if your teen isn’t old enough to ride solo!

These are just guidelines we’re assuming will be enforced by public health, but until we get a firm date from the government on when we reopen, we won’t have much detail or direction on their expectations. We may be going overkill here, but since we’re a busy wax bar and there are many many bodies coming through our doors, it’s our duty to our clients and staff to be as safe as possible.

Aaaaaand a reminder: Black Friday is when we have our best laser sales. Just putting that right there.

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