My top 5 products I can’t live without

Ok that’s a bit extreme. I wouldn’t die if I didn’t have any of these products, but you’re reading aren’t you? So here’s a list of the 5 products I use on a daily, and love love love having them as part of my regiment:

1. Salt + Stone sunscreen. Summer or winter, I love this sunscreen. We discussed the importance of sunscreen last week, and how you should be wearing this stuff year round. The reason I’m a huge fan of the s+s is because it goes on so nicely under my makeup, so if I happen to be using a foundation that doesn’t have SPF (and many don’t), im covered. You still have to reapply throughout the day, and for this you can find an SPF setting spray, like Coola. It’s also a clean SPF, so you can use it on your littles without worrying about harmful ingredients!

2. St Tropez Purity Vitamin Serum. Ok, I’m pasty. I hate being pasty white in the summer. When you have a glow, a slight tan, everything just looks healthier…but we know sun damage isn’t healthy. I use the purity serum on my face after my moisturizer in the morning, and it helps maintain my glow year round. If I want more colour, I put it on day and night until I get my colour where I want it to be, and then switch back to once a day. Originally I was concerned about the price tag ($40) on such a small bottle, but I’ve been using the same bottle for about 2 months now, and I’m good for probably another 2 months.

3. Olaplex 3, 6, 7. This one is actually 3 products combined, but I didn’t think you guys would object to more product recommendations. My hair is dark brown, as the lockdown has made painfully clear. I enjoy being blonde. What happens when you make dark brown into blonde? Typically the hair goes brittle and dry, and looks unhealthy. Everyone’s on the quest for the Holy Grail of hair products to make your overprocessed hair look glossy and shiny, and I think Olaplex has it it right on target. When I wash my hair (once a week), the night before I put my #3 hair mask on and sleep with it on. Wash it off in the morning, use a salon quality shampoo/conditioner, and dry/style. While it’s still damp, I use a small quantity of #6 styling cream (less is more), and 5 drops of #7 bonding oil. Rub my palms together, and work it thru my hair focusing on mids-ends. I also like using a drop or two of the #7 if I have a lot of fly aways on top…helps me look like I don’t have a frizz halo.

4. Esqido strip lashes + companion glue. You guys ask me all the time what lashes I’m wearing, if they’re magnetic. When I tell you I use the glue on ones, you’re baffled at how I get them on. Guys! I’ve been wearing strip lashes since August 2017, almost daily. My first two or three applications were kinda ridiculous. I’ve figured out my own tips and tricks on getting these beautiful strips to stay on all day, one of which is the glue. I don’t use drugstore glue, they usually come in a tube and you can’t get a precise application. The companion glue from Esqido has a liner brush applicator so you’re not over-applying, and if you let it dry for a good 30-60 seconds, you’re not fighting to get them to stay on your lash line. Plus the Esqido strip lashes will last for up to 30 uses if you take care of them, and I’ve put this to the test. My fave lashes are the BFF, Lashlorette, Nebula, and Gin and Tonic from the Unisyn line. Trust me on this — you can do it.

5. The Scrub. This is my all-time favorite. I’m biased because it’s my formula. We created this formula over the course of a year, and have it made exclusively for Bare Essentials. I use it every time I shower, and I love how it keeps my skin moisturized and smooth. We’ve picked our top 5 scents and they all smell AMAZING. And you know how you’ll use a bath product, and smell good in the shower…and then you get out of the shower and you don’t smell that product anymore? Well, with the scrub you still get the fragrance on your skin, so you smell delish. Seriously, if you haven’t tried it — get it now.

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