My Own Skin FAQ

I’m no skincare expert by any means, but i’ve done enough of my own research and have had enough of my own ???-moments that I can answer some of my own previous questions that confused me. It was definitely a sight to see when a skincare rep would come and do her shpiel, and i was like a deer in headlights — i always had to have someone else in on my sales meetings with them so i wouldn’t look like a complete newbie. So read on, nobody is judging you.

Why would anyone ‘double-cleanse’? Because, if you watched my video the other day, if you’re just washing your face once, you’re not really getting all the junk off of your face. You can use a microfiber cloth to wash your face, literally wash it twice, or use a different cleanser for that initial clean-up. The Korean skin-care gurus will suggest using an oil-cleanser for the first wash, and a water-based cleanser for the second. The oil-cleanser will clean off all excess oil and oil-based residue, and the water-based cleanser will really deep clean and remove all the dirt that will end up clogging your pores. Korean skin-care is known to be experimental, high end, top of the line, but you don’t have to go from 0 to 100 overnight. Just make sure your face is clean before going through your skin care routine.

What products do i need? So, a decent cleanser, and it doesn’t need to be expensive, is a good first step. I personally have been using the FacEnvy (EyEnvy brand cleanser) because it does a good job in getting my lash glue off, and my face feels squeaky clean. I also enjoy the mild hint of rose, because it’s not overpowering and it’s quite pleasant. I also use an eye serum, eye cream, face serum, face cream, daily peel. You don’t have to be nuts like me, if you’re just starting to think about taking care of your skin, lets start with a cleanser, a serum, and moisturizer. The cleanser’s function is obvious, the serum will treat your skincare concerns, and the moisturizer…moisturizes. Once you get into this rhythm and you’re seeing some positive results, you can add in steps into the routine. The rule of thumb is to apply the thinnest to thickest, so after i wash my face: I use my daily peel pads, apply eye serum, eye cream, face serum, spf moisturizer. But start with the basics and work your way up from there. No point in investing in a skin care regimen if you’re just going to let it sit on your shelf.

Do i really need to “invest” in skin care? I get your on this question, really i do — up until 3 years ago, i would maybe wash my face. I certainly did not want to invest big bucks into a skincare routine because i felt like my skin looked fine, and i was about to cover it with foundation anyway, so WHO CARES. Right? See, i told you i get you. And then i turned 35, and it was like my skin puked all over itself overnight. I found hyperpigmentation spots id never seen, my skin felt dull and blah, and i just didn’t enjoy having to always put on a full face in the morning. Plus hanging around my friend Desiree who was all about skincare had a bit to do with it. So now that i’ve invested in my skincare, my attitutde about this question has done a complete 180º. Everything you put on your face is a preventative measure. Hyperpigmentation takes years to surface, so SPF daily year-round is vital. Anti-aging may seem silly when you don’t have wrinkles, but preventing them is way way easier than reversing them. If you don’t have acne now, when you have a breakout — you can dump all the expensive skincare you want on your face, but it takes a while for you to condition your skin to have it respond to product. Figure out what pricepoint you’re comfortable with, and find a skin-guru you trust that can actually look at your skin and give you a plan. My skincare regimen won’t work for you, necessarily, because all skin isn’t the same. Invest while you’re younger and don’t have “skin conditions” to fix. Preventative.

What other skin treatments can i do? This answer depends largely on what your skin is saying to you. Treating your skin can be as simple as changing diet (dairy can be really inflammatory to a lot, and cutting it out may mean less breakouts — but talk to a naturopath, derm, doctor, before doing this. Dairy does nothing to my face, and if i cut cheese out of my life, i don’t know what i’d do). A good deep-cleaning treatment every season change is a great idea. Microdermabrasion or dermaplaning will help you by getting that top layer of dead skin off, which can often act as a barrier to your skincare. Imagine how much better your skin will respond to your products if it was actually sinking into your skin, rather than fighting to get to it thru dead skin. Microneedling is a service that can literally change your skin in a few months. It’s collagen-induction therapy, and by creating microtrauma to your skin forces it to product collagen to repair it. Collagen is a protein that keeps our skin from sagging and helps it look plump, youthful. Your body has a “collagen bank” and as you age, your production starts to slow down (around the age of 25). The less collagen you have, the more your skin looks aged. So by doing treatments that help build collagen, you’re literally making yourself look younger. I swear, once the ‘rona is gone, i’m getting trained specifically on microneedling because it’s a miracle treatment. You can induce collagen production with Radio-frequency facials, which is more cost effective but is better as maintenance for your microneedling. Microneedling can be the initial jet-pack, and radio-frequency can be your booster fuel to keep it going.

Do i really need to wash twice a day? Do you brush your teeth twice a day? Yes. Wash. Your. Face.

Do I need day and night products for my face? Lets go back to the answer for my second question about investing. Start off slowly. Once you get into your rhythm of using skincare, and you’re doing your steps consistently, then you can invest in specific day and night products. I know, i said the word aging and wrinkles and you freaked out a little bit.

Ok! I hope this helps a little bit! I’m looking forward to phase 3 when i can start working on peoples’ faces again, so until then invest wisely, use some sheet masks once a week, and sit tight.

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