Mantras I live by

I found this definition online for what a mantra is:

A mantra is supposed to help you clear your consciousness out of the noise, so you can make room for one idea you want to concentrate on. A mantra is an idea, a philosophy or a world overview, concentrated in a sentence, a phrase or even one word.

It was the most unofficial, relaxed definition of mantra I could find that didn’t go too deep into meditation practices, because I think we use the word “mantra” a bit more casually in today’s culture. I think for most people a “mantra” has more to do with “words to live by,” than meditation — but the foundation of the word, as noted above, says your mantra should help you focus on one central thought. If you were asked, “what advice would you give yourself 10 years ago?” I’m sure you’d have a few mantras to share… Here are mine:

1. LOVE YOURSELF: I specifically put that one in bold, because I think we’re so quick to tear ourselves down. Most often than not, you’ll point out your flaws than embrace them, and you know I’m right on this one. This idea to love yourself, or self-love and body positivity, is a really buzzing idea right now with influencers that aren’t cocaine-chic posting cellulite shots in bikinis, or real-life models posing in photo shoots for a women’s underwear line…but I think self-love goes further than just esthetics. You could be gorgeous and a size 2 with no cellulite and not a blemish on you and still not love yourself. You may think your intellect isn’t all there, or you think that your social circle thinks (insert thought here) of you. Something I learned after baby #2, when I was struggling with baby weight and some serious body image issues, was that none of it matters. You are perfectly imperfect, and that’s what makes you YOU. If you want to lose weight, do it — but dont punish yourself until you hit your goal. If you want to get that tummy tuck, do it, but realize that you’re doing it for you and nobody else. I still have these conversations with myself, so I still struggle with it, but I love myself because I’m fearfully and wonderfully made.

2. Trust the journey. I don’t believe in coincidence, and I think everything happens for a reason. Could I be more cliché? Hah. Seriously though, I think our destination is unknown and the journey is the exciting part. Your life will work itself out, and the challenges you’re facing right now are temporary and possibly something you need to learn something from. Use every experience, downfall, obstacle as a learning point. You’re here for a reason.

3. I am worthy. This one ties in with “love yourself,” because you can’t expect to feel worthy of what life is giving you unless you love yourself. Your life didn’t happen by accident. You deserve all of the good in your life! Have grace, and love yourself. When we feel worthy, we strive for more because we feel that we deserve it. So hear it again: YOU are WORTHY. Love yourself, know you’re worthy, strive for greatness, and trust the journey. And I’m not just talking to my boss babes out there, this applies to you too. Yes. You. Don’t hold yourself back from greatness because I’m not the only one who thinks you’re worthy.

I didn’t know where that all was going when I started writing it. I don’t typically go deep with my blog posts! Now that you’ve read it, what are some mantras you live by? How do you make sure these mantras are top of mind?

What got me thinking about this whole topic was really our new Mantra Band products that we’ve launched in our store. I love them and I think they’re powerful reminders that we can wear daily to keep us focused on inspiring words to live by. You can check them out here:

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