Back to work, back to the grind

It’s been 4 weeks since phase 2 was released and we were allowed to get back to work on a limited basis. No services to the face, body only. This made most of us happy, my crew was able to get back to work and start making an income again…clients were able to come in and get pool and beach-ready again… People were out and about, and the economy had some movement again. We’ve had some hiccups along the way, but I know there are still some of you that aren’t back to work; or clients that just aren’t ready to be in an enclosed room with someone to receive a service you wouldn’t have thought twice about before March. And now we’ve got PHASE 3!!!

So a few things you should know:

– as of Monday, July 13, everyone needs to be wearing a mask in every indoor public setting. This includes Bare Essentials, shopping malls, grocery stores, heck — elevators. I know some of you may have a medical condition excluding you from wearing a mask, so if that’s you and you want to come in for a service, hit us up with a phone call or text. As an employer, I have staff to consider. I can’t force anyone to do anything they’re not comfortable with. If you can’t wear a mask, I have to find you a spot at the end of the day with staff that is ok with providing your service (at a distance less than 6ft).

– if you’re looking to get your brows done, shapings are HAPPENING! Phase 3 was just announced– more information to come. Stay tuned to social media!

Now that those bits of housekeeping are out of the way, here are the things I’ve learned during lockdown:

– time is precious, and finite. I’ve honestly grown in my relationship with my family, and being home all the time has taught me patience with my kids. We’re closer than ever, and for once — Dad isn’t automatically the favourite.

– there is beauty in routine. I’ve enjoyed my morning workout routine as much as our evening dinner routine. We’ve learned to really love watching cooking and baking shows together while we eat dinner. We’ve added words to our vocabulary, like “crisp, buttery, flakey” and the ever so popular “m” word. I won’t even type it. Gag.

– set aside time for work. Being productive is as important and cherishing time with the fam. I could easily just chill by the pool all day (and let’s be real, I did do that a lot last week when it was sooooooo hot out), but setting achievable goals on a daily basis helps you decide when it’s time to kick back and relax.

– start your day early, and pretend as if you’re leaving the house even if you’re not. I did this every day (hello #ootd shots), and I honestly feel like it helped me be more productive. I didn’t feel gross, or lazy when I had my jeans on and my hair/face put together. I also put jeans on to make sure they still fit….if I’m strapped for cash, I can’t buy a whole new wardrobe, can I?

– last, but not least: make lemonade. Guys, quarantine SUCKED. Like, hard. We all had to learn to pivot, hustle a different way, in order to survive. But I bet those of you that did the pandemic pivot learned something about yourself that you didn’t know was in you…right? Or you literally took an online course and added a new skill to your arsenal? Or you (ahem) built an online store and sold product to keep revenue going?

Guys, 12 weeks has passed. You’ve stuck with me the whole way, and I can’t thank you enough for listening to my voice and engaging with my brand. Everything I do, I do for you guys! My fans, my friends, my family, my ride or dies. If you’ve read this far, I have an ask: subscribe to the blog, and I’ll be sending out a coupon code soon, but only to my subscribers. Haha, offer hidden at the end of the blog. Much love ❤️

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