Pro-Tip: Stretch like a savage.

I’m going to keep this one short and sweet. It’s a tip that changed everything for me when it comes to clean hairstroke brows, so artists: pay attention.

STRETCH. Stretch like a savage. I remember when i first started, i’d kinda stretch, kinda-sorta, and close my eyes and hope for the best. I knew from watching videos of other artists that i needed to stretch, and i knew from past trainings that i needed to stretch, but i never had anyone watch me do it and correct me on it.

I remember my lightbulb moment like it was yesterday — i thought i was stretching ok, and my trainer said: “No, tighter. Still tighter.” Now, i can’t stand over your head and tell you to stretch tighter, but you need to completely disregard your client’s comfort (to an extent) and get as good of a 3-point stretch as you can. At the end of the day, your client can be uncomfortable for a couple of hours if it’ll mean amazing, fine, crisp hairstrokes on their face instead of fat blobs.

Think of an inflated balloon. Take a sharpie and draw a line. Deflate the balloon, and take note of how much finer that hairstroke is… Of course you can’t make a good hairstroke with a crappy tool, so make the investment in good microblades. Go to and invest in some good blades and pigments and don’t forget to use the code browbylaurie15 for a one-time 15% discount!

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