It’s all a matter of PROPORTIONS

Brows, brows, brows. You wake up in the morning, wash your face, brush your teeth, then what? Do you bother putting any makeup on? I mean, only eyes and brows are showing, so is it worth it to put anything on? YES. The eyes are the windows to your soul (and your brows.. are the… drapes?), and since all people can see are your eyes, brows, forehead, brows have never been more important. I can hear you now, “But Laurie, i don’t know what i’m doing!!”

Stop. I can help you. This week i’ll be posting a bunch of videos in my IG feed on different brow products and how to use them. Watch those when they go up. But also you’ll need to know where to apply those products to maximize your brow effect. Lets go over some brow proportions, shall we?

The head of your brows should line up somewhere between the inner corner of your eye, and the bridge of your nose. If you don’t have hair here, play around with either a brow pencil or brow butter + angle brush to fake it. If you have a large gap to fill, practice until you’re comfortable.

I know some of you have tweezed the heck out of your unibrow, to the point where you’ve gone in and taken away valuable brow hairs… Leave it alone. Stop tweezing the head of your brows, please. I promise you, it’ll look better if your brows aren’t running away from each other.

Now the arch…. ahhhh, the arch. If you’ve got the comma brow, this part is for you. Your arch should be a gradual incline, and not a sharp turn.

If you were to draw a diagonal line from your cupid’s bow, through your iris, that’s roughly where your arch should land. You could literally draw a straight line from the bottom of the head of your brow to that point, and fill it all in with makeup. Try it. Again, something that may require practice, but well worth it.

The third component of your brows are your tails — often overlooked. This part of the brow is so easy to mess up when you’re getting them waxed, because one hair too many and it completely shortens them. And that’ll be the hair that never grows back. I know someone out there is nodding in agreement.

If you were to draw a diagonal line from the cupids bow past the edge of your eye, this is roughly where your tail should end. Draw a line from your arch point to the tail point. Pro tip, try not to let your tail go lower than the head. The tail should be level with the head, or a touch higher to open up the eyes.

Those are the basics. It all gets better with practice, but those are the general proportions you should follow when it comes to filling in your brows. Which weapon you choose (aka brow product) is entirely up to you!

A few more pro-tips:
• Start with getting a great brow wax/thread from someone reputable (you can find me at Bare Essentials Waterloo on mondays for brow waxing/threading, etc).
• practice when you’re not rushing. There’s nothing worse than rushing through your makeup, only to notice that one brow is sitting higher than the other, and then you’re so frazzled and strapped for time that it’s either your brows, or packing the kids lunch.
• A clean spoolie/mascara wand is a great tool to blend out and soften makeup that’s been applied too heavily.
• you don’t need to just put makeup where you have brow hair if you’re not happy with your shape.
• softer application is always easier on the eyes than strong application.

Want to see an example of me filling in some brows that aren’t my own? Comment down below, and i’ll record a video!!

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