Don’t tell anyone, but i’m going to lay it all out right here. The key ingredient for success in any endeavour will be revealed to you in this very blog post. So definitely dive in, because you’ll need this one thing to help you succeed in that thing you’re doing right now.

Ready? I don’t know… are you sure? Like for reals? Ok. Here goes.

Yep. That’s it. Consistency. Let me paint a visual here for you:

You’re trying to lose some of that covid weight gain. Yes, self love, but you don’t really want to spend hundreds of dollars replacing the jeans that you can’t fit into anymore. You must consistently eat cleaner, and add some activity to achieve success. If you eat clean four days of the week, but when friday hits it all flies out the window — you’re right back where you started on Monday. I speak from personal experience here.

Another example, you’re trying to amp up your social media game and hustle in your business. You have to be present and post consistently for people to notice you and start engaging back. You can’t just post five pics one day, and disappear for 3! You can’t just post once a week in stories and go silent the rest of the time… You have to hustle that sh*t consistently for your audience to get to know you, your service, your voice. I started posting consistenly on my IG in October 2018, and I always stall in growth when my engagement lags behind. When i start posting engaging content, my numbers start climbing. Again, speaking from personal experience here.

Consistency in social media also helps your audience know what to expect. They know that they can rely on your #OOTD post, or a weekly blog post. They know that they’ll see a cool beauty tip, or a before an after that’s going to really wow them. If they keep coming back and you haven’t posted anything in days, they’ll stop coming back. The algorithm will also stop showing your work to people because it’s just not engaging enough and there’s more content online that will keep users engaged longer. (did you guys watch that social media documentary on netflix???)

Here’s another good one: You’re a newer PMU artist, and you’re watching other people’s work on social, or even in real lift on other people. You need to practice consistently every chance you have to perfect your craft. You can’t take one course and expect to improve unless you’re consistently on that practice latex every day. I used to carry around a microblade (with a lid) and practice skin in my purse just so i could bust it out and play around with stroke patterns if i had a free moment.

Ok so maybe it’s not a full recipe for success, but all i’m saying is: Set a goal. Figure out the work. Be consistent in doing the work. Stay consistent, and 6 months from now you’ll be amazed at how far you’ve come.

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