What to expect from a Consultation

So you’ve made the important decision to do something about your eyebrows, and you’ve scoured instagram for the best before and afters you can find. You’ve done some research on a few artists, and you’ve hopefully chosen yours truly to meet with to discuss your new dream brows. You’ve found a time for a consultation and you’re so excited but don’t know what to expect… right?

For the record, i’m not implying you should only meet with me — you should actually do quite a bit of research before you land on one person; part of this research should include conversations with your potential artist either face to face, over the phone, or through DMs. You should also scour their feed for lots of before and afters that you’re consistently happy with, as well as some healed work. Anyone can make the immediately after photo look great, but what’s important is how that work looks 6, 8, 12 weeks after (not to mention years later). Also, this isn’t the time to bargain hunt, folks. Find an artist whose work you’re happy with, and then wait until you can afford them. This is a tattoo on your face. I’ve always said, “Everyone has to start somewhere,” but don’t be alarmed if that start needs to be corrected. Your bargain brows may end up costing you quite a bit to fix if you’re unhappy. Not to mention, if you’re approaching an artist to take over someone else’s work, this usually means paying full tilt (their pricing for brand new brows) if not more (colour correction may require multiple sessions to achieve a neutral brown).

Ok, back from my rabbit trail: Consultation. Every artist has a different procedure on how they conduct their consultations. I’ll walk you through what i do for mine, so that if you have one coming up — you know what you can expect. You’re welcome to come having filled your brows, and it’s not a bad idea for me to see what you’re used to having on your face on a regular basis. If you don’t have makeup on, you can also bring in a selfie for me to get a glimpse into your daily makeup look. I’ll likely ask you what your brow goals are, have you walk me through what you currently do for your brows, and then i’ll roughly fill them in with the hairs that you’ve currently got. I don’t generally thread/wax/tweeze at this point, but i’ll use one of my brow pencils to give you a general idea of the shape. At this point, we’re not overly concerned about symmetry, we’re just trying to get a feel for my vision for your brows, and see if that lines up with what you have in your mind’s eye. When you actually have your brows booked, we spend time mapping, measuring, checking, re-checking, tweaking the shape. Once the shape is determined and we’re both happy, i’ll tweeze or thread any hairs outside of the shape. SO, if your brows are suuuuuper-uneven, or they hook really deep and we don’t want to go thick, i just disregard the hairs i don’t want and get rid of them after we’re settled.

I generally encourage my clients to leave on the shape that i’ve drawn in for them, take selfies, show friends, show significant-others, look at themselves in the mirror… Just to kind of get your eyes used to the new shape, especially if you’re going for a complete overhaul. Often when clients come back for their procedure, they’ll give me some feedback from the shape i drew on at their consult which helps when i’m mapping.

Ok so we’ve filled your brows in… now we go through any questions you may have. It’s always a great idea to go through my feed and save photos of brows that you love, so that i can get an idea for what you’re hoping for. I’ll have had a chance to assess your skin type and decide if we can actually achieve the result you have your heart set on, so come with an open mind. I’ll always do the best i can to achieve the outcome you’re striving for, but we have to keep in mind that your skin will do what your skin will do.

Write down any questions or concerns you’ve got! Now’s the time to drill me with all of your “what-ifs” and “i’m scared that” statements. There’s no question i haven’t heard, and if you somehow manage to stump me, i’ll check in with my colleagues and trainers, and follow up with you later. I’ll go over pre- and post- instructions, including the dreaded instruction to stay away from blood thinners (think caffeine, alcohol, ibuprofen), but my motto is: Beautiful Brows are worth anything. If you’re reading this and you’re booked in without a consultation, 3-5 days no blood thinners. It’s also in your confirmation email. There. You can’t say you didn’t know. HAH!

Do you have a consultation booked? Have you checked my online booking system? If you have any questions/concerns, leave them in the comment box below. I’d love to help you out with your brows!

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  1. It’s difficult to take you seriously when you don’t know how to wear a mask properly. This certainly doesn’t instil much confidence that you’re concerned about client safety. (Assuming that’s a picture of you. If not, maybe choose a better stock photo)

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