It’s Thanksgiving weekend (although as you’re reading this it’s actually Tuesday or later), and I’m feeling a bit sappy-sentimental. It’s definitely been a different kind of Thanksgiving weekend, I wasn’t able to see my family — my sister’s kids had possible exposure to c-19 at school so we decided not to chance it and stayed home. I miss my family, but was grateful that we were able to have a small Thanksgiving dinner at home, just us four.

If you’ve been watching my IG stories lately, you know that this last week or two have been very heavy for myself and my Armenian community, and it’s been all consuming for me…but I wanted to take this opportunity to show gratitude to all of you out there.

To the loyal clients who continuously gush over their brows and tell their circle about me, thank you.

To the watcher who just can’t bring themselves to take the plunge, but are always watching and engaging with my content, thank you.

To my followers who think of my little online boutique to buy from before putting in an order with a big box store, thank you.

To the clients who haven’t been following for long, but have had multiple people push you to see me for your beauty needs, your trust means so much. Thank you.

To those who have handed out my business cards, and keep coming back for more cards to hand out, thank you.

To my die-hards who have had brows, then liner, then lash lifts, then lip blush, and are always looking for the next service to do with me, thank you.

To the ones who enter every giveaway because they just don’t have the funds but would kill for a killer set of brows, thank you.

I’m so grateful for each of you — when you comment, like, share, read my blog posts, it really puts a smile on my face. I never once, in my wildest dreams, could ever have imagined I’d create a business that would allow me to connect with all of you beautiful creatures, and do something I’m so passionate about. Stick with me, cause the ride is just getting started! Love you all so much!

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