First Impressions are Everything.

This is a bit of a different kind of post. I know my schtick is all things beauty, but this sort of relates. I’ve done my fair share of interviews in my tenure as a BOSS, so I’m writing this blog in the hopes that it helps some of you ace that interview and land that job. Now — I can’t help you if your qualifications don’t match the employer’s requests/requirements, but barring those minor deets, here are my top 5 tips on making a great first impression.

  1. RESEARCH YOUR EMPLOYER. I’m always mindblown when I ask, “Have you heard of Bare Essentials?” and i’m met with a blank stare, or a passive “yeah, sure — i did a google search”. SRSLY. Guys, when you’re lining up that interview, if you really want the job, read up on that employer. Dig thru their social media. Find their IG accounts. Heck, follow their accounts and engage on their posts. Read their blog posts. READ THEIR REVIEWS!!! Anything and everything you can find on this new employer should be some good reading material for the day before your interview. When your potential future employer says, Have you heard of my company (for which you want employment from), your answer should resemble something like this: “Absolutely! You guys are the top wax bar in the tri-cities, and everyone raves about your amazing express wax service! Your social media game is on point, and i’ve loved reading your blog about your various services. I’m interested in learning more about ____________. I was also really impressed by your story, and how you started this business from the ground up. I’m looking forward to hearing more!” Whatever the answer is, make sure you tailor your lingo to their corporate culture. If the business you’re interviewing with is more “straight-arrow,” speak more to that narrative and use less “hip” lingo. Like, y’know…whatever. One of my latest hires actually listened to a podcast episdoe i was on with Bossy Women, and was telling me how she was speaking to her mom about me and my story. BROWNIE POINTS to the extreme.
  2. CLEAN UP YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNTS. Yes. The first thing i do when someone applies for a job, i creep any and all social media accounts i can find that are potentially yours. Totally. I look for hints into your personality, your likes/dislikes, do you have pets, do you have a family… anything that can speak to your character. Don’t get me wrong here, i’m not picking anything based on looks. I’ve always told my employees, i don’t care what you look like as long as you’re doing a good job. If you’re actively on the hunt for a job, and you want to make sure you’re putting your best foot forward, give your future employers something that will tell them you’re a good option. It’s also not a bad idea to put your IG handle on your resume (if that’s appropriate for your industry), because it’ll trigger them to go there and not really hunt for anything else. Obviously, this works well for industries that are social-media-heavy. So. Take this for what it’s worth, but don’t kid yourself that the person doing the interview won’t be looking at your IG or Facebook profile. They totally are.
  3. SHOW. UP. ON. TIME. And by on time, i don’t literally mean on time. If your interview is at noon, if you’re not there by 11:45, you’re late. Don’t waltz in at noon with a fresh Starbucks-half-sweet-triple-whip-pumpkin-spice-with-cinnamon-shavings. Just don’t be late. Heck, show up half an hour early and wait in your car for 15 minutes. If I get a call from a candidate and they’re running behind, it tells me i’m not important enough for them to ensure they’re on time. To me, they’re automatically at the bottom of my pile, no matter how amazing that interview went. If it happens at the interview, it’ll happen for a shift at work.
  4. DRESS TO IMPRESS. I’ve had candidates show up with their hair in a messy topknot, ratty nails, no makeup on. Their outfit choice also questionable — but the important parts of this observation are the things they have control over. The messy bun could have been styled neater. The nails could have been done, or old nailpolish could have been removed and nails filed. They could have thrown some mascara on, and some tinted moisturizer. The clothes don’t need to be off the runway, but the effort needs to be made to look presentable. In my industry, where we’re selling esthetics, unfortunately looks play a part — you just need to show me that you’re able to give a rip. I’ve had candidates show up just all in black, but killed it with their makeup. That was good enough for me. Leave your patterned, comfy yoga pants at home and find one killer outfit that will work for any of your interviews (and hopefully you won’t be going on too many interviews before you land a job that pays well!).
  5. DON’T BACK-TALK YOUR PREVIOUS EMPLOYER. This one should be common sense, but nobody needs to hear how bad your previous boss was. You’re sitting in front of a boss that could have had similar bad runs, bad weeks, bad months. Worse yet, they may be friends with your old boss. When in doubt, don’t speak ill of anyone — think of it as a first date. You wouldn’t dish about your ex to your potential new partner, so don’t do this to your potential new boss.
  6. BONUS TIP. Bring a copy of your resume with you, just in case. Don’t have a printer? Go to Staples.

I know we’re not all getting a million interview offers these days because, y’know, pandemic. But I hope these tips will help you make a great impression. And if you’re interviewing with me, and you talk to me about my podcast, don’t be alarmed if i stop and look at you, smiling ear to ear from under my mask. GET THOSE JOBS, BABES!

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