Laurie’s Gift Guide: SKINCARE

I loooooove me some presents! I love buying gifts for myself too. But i don’t think that’s a secret — i think we all know this, even if you’ve never met me. I usually tell Pete, “oh don’t worry — we’ll just go shopping after Christmas for our gifts”… meanwhile, amongst all the online shopping i’m doing for others, there are orders peppered in there for myself. I have a bag of clothes hidden in the kids gift hiding spot upstairs. No joke.

AAAANYWAYS. There’s 2 weeks left for Christmas, and if you haven’t done your shopping by now, i’m here to help. If you’ve got a beauty-lover in your life, the BBL online store has some great goodies that may require me pointing them out to you. Lets begin!

SKINCARE! Especially since we’re all wearing masks, skincare is super important these days. Cleansing, double cleansing, serums, toners, moisturizers… We’ve got a couple of cleansers for different price points, namely the FaceEnvy cleanser from the people who bring us Eyenvy, and the Fitglow Cloud cleanser. Two different products, two different price points.

If your giftee is a lash-wearer, the FaceEnvy is perfect. It’s safe for lash extensions, and comes in a gel format so a little goes a long way. I can usually get a solid 3 months out of my bottle before i need a restock. The biggest selling feature here is the removal of buildup from the eyes while protecting your lashes.

If you’re looking for something and your beauty-pro is into clean beauty, the Fitglow cloud cleanser is definitely a wow-gift. The kit comes with a foaming brush to work the cleanser into your skin, and the packaging really delivers the “luxury” message. You’ll definitely get a positive reaction out of gifting this one! And, better yet, until Saturday (Dec 12) it’s on sale. Go. Now. The cleanser is also available without the kit, but for gifting purposes, you really can’t go wrong with the added value of the brush.

You can also consider adding a sheet mask or two to this gift item! What’s the point of cleaning your skin without treating it? The Maskeraide sheet masks are super cute, and you can easily add 3 into your gift (i’m an odd-numbers kinda gal when i’m putting a package together), and make it an experience. They’re $7 each, and have great reviews. Wanna splurge? Think your beauty-pro has more discerning taste? The K-Beauty Biocellulose ones are fab. A bit pricier at $15, but well worth the investment. The three kinds we have in store (Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid, Collagen) are great for all skin types and you really can’t go wrong with any of them. Personal face is the VitaminC for brightening, but if your recipient is dry, go for HA. Collagen is also great for anti-aging, and will pair well with any anti-aging treatments.

One area we all have been neglecting, and i’m at times guilty of this as well, is our lips. We’re covering them with masks all day while we’re out working (if we’re still working outside of the house), and these masks are so DRYING. I still stand by our Polish/Pout duo, as the best lip scrub on the market. I love scrubbing my lips at night with my Polish lip scrub, and i do this at least 3 times a week. I top it up with my Fitglow night serum, and wear my Pout lip balm throughout the day under my mask. The Polish/Pout duo is a great stocking stuffer ($15), and although the night serum is a bit of a higher price point at $58, it’s also on sale this week until Saturday night. If you’ve been thinking about gifting this to yourself, now’s the time.

Ok last, but certainly not least, the Rose Quartz Roller. Have you incorporated massage into your skincare routine? I recently started using my roller again, and i’m digging the glow. I use the Hadaka marula oil with my roller to help it along, and i keep getting compliments on my “glow.” I still set my forehead, nose, chin because i don’t want those areas glowing, but it’s definitely doing something to my skin. I keep my rose quartz roller in the fridge so it’s nice and cool, and rolling with a cold roller in the morning helps de-puff those bags we all love to hide. The marula oil is great for hydration, and actually acts as a primer to make your foundation more “dewy.” Dewy seems to be the trend these days… Dewy, fresh, hydrated skin. OK OK i sound like a skincare commercial. Yes i know. Anyhow, this combo (roller + oil) is actually a bundle online ($70), and makes a great gift. It’s another one of those things that you wouldn’t necessarily buy for yourself cause it seems frivolous. But buy it for your friend, and she’ll message you raving about how great her skin feels after rolling it with her cold rose quartz roller. Also, rose quartz purifies and opens the heart at all levels to promote love, self-love, friendship, deep inner healing and feelings of peace — so roll that all over yourself and feel the love.

Not sure if anything mentioned above will be a fit? Need some other gift recommendations? Comment below! I love giving gifts, and hearing my gifts have been well received is a personal mission. And as always, don’t forget to support local this year, my loves — if you don’t buy from me, find another small business to support. We’re feeling it extra hard this year and every purchase makes us jump for joy inside a bit.

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