Don’t worry, be happy

Does anyone remember that song? Like, when it first came out — and not as part of a Pentatonix Christmas song? Am i once again aging myself? Totally. I know there are a few of you whistling along. Are you guys tired of hearing the same old advice for 2021 — we’ll get through this! We’ve got this! It’ll be over soon enough! Yeah. Me too. I didn’t want my first post of the year to be transparently ingenuine, but i wanted you guys to hear my words, no fluff, no BS. I wasn’t going to put this out with a message of uber-positivity, because second time around hurts more than the first time. For my readers out there lost and confused, i’m with you. We actually will get through this,

Guys, i’m numb. I know we’ll get through it. I know it’ll be over some day, but i’m over it. I’m beyond over it. Don’t get me wrong — this isn’t a denial of the virus, i’m not an anti-masker, i’m not a conspiracy theorist. I’m just a tired business owner, waiting for things to go back to some semblance of normal so that we can go back to providing a service to our clients. I know some of you have already accepted this as your new normal (another term i’m starting to really resent), and you’ve been working remotely since March — but there’s really not a whole lot i can do for my clients remotely. Yes, i can provide entertainment, information, advice, even my favourite beauty products, but my hands are craving some brows! I’m half tempted to do Stella’s brows, but they’re already freaking perfect.

I miss seeing full faces when i finish a brow tattoo. I miss seeing the finished effect of that transformation. I miss hugging a client who is so grateful to have the brows of her dreams. I miss taking a trip across the border to Barfalo to hit up Target (say this with a French accent). I miss that tingly excitement of planning a trip, buying plane tickets, shopping for a new bathing suit. I want to feel sand between my toes (in Mexico, not Grand Bend). I want to hear a foreign language in my ears and have a coffee in a foreign cafe. Do you ever watch shows and think, “that’s pre-covid…sooo many people, no masks!”– currently thinking this as i binge watch Bridgerton (which you should all do, post haste). Remember what it felt like to sit on a patio and have a glass of wine with girlfriends? Hitting up a club and cutting a rug? (HAHAHHAHAHAH sorry i couldn’t help myself. Who the heck says “cutting a rug”?? also, who are we kidding? The last time i was at a club, i was 25. Like 13 years ago.)

It will eventually pass. It will, obviously. Until then, we’ll do our own nails, we’ll order root touchup kits from our stylists (please, don’t box dye your beautiful hair that your stylists have worked so hard to colour). we’ll use self tanner instead of go tanning. We’ll stay socially distant, we’ll wear our masks, we’ll wash our hands and keep our grubby fingers away from our faces. We did do this before, we will obviously do it again, it goes without saying. In the meantime, though… may as well be productive. I’ve actually got a few things planned: online courses, rebranding, new products, more online courses that i’m taking myself… I’m also re-organizing my spice cupboard, hah! Keep occupied, keep being productive — that’s how i’m keeping sane. One foot in front of the other, we’ll truck on and get through it. Sleep after sleep, remote-learning day after remote-learning day, netflix bingeing all the way through… We did it the first time, we can do it a second.

Let’s make plans for all the things we’ll do when this pandemic becomes endemic. First thing i’m going to do is hug everyone i see. Well, maybe not that, no. Ok first thing i’m going to do is book a trip with the kids (as much as i’d really like to book a trip without the kids, because we’ve definitely had enough family time at this point. I’m going to a mall, and im going to buy LIPSTICK. I’m going to an amusement park, and sit on the carousel, swings of the century, play some whack-a-mole (which i’m hella good at). I’m going to a restaurant with a group of 10 people at ONE table. I’m going for a FACIAL. Actually, i’ll be slammed for a solid 3 months. Then I’ll be doing all of the things. I want to know what you look forward to doing when the fog lifts. Comment below, I want to see what you can come up with — and i’ll be watching your stories on IG to see if you actually get to it.

I know this post isn’t like my usual posts, and it kind of went nowhere, but i almost needed a good vent. If you’re still here, thanks for reading. I actually have huge plans for 2021, despite the “meh” tone of this post. Pop a bottle of wine, and join me for the ride.

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