2021 is just 2020 with bangs

So last time we were here, we discussed setting goals and I gave you guys my top tips on goal-setting and goal-keeping, and i thought it might be fun to give you all a bird’s-eye-view of my 2021 goals in the hopes that this year doesn’t end up being a complete poopshow. Yes, i write this blog as i sit with my children who are currently learning about contractions and multiplication. Individually, not together. So maybe i’m censoring this a bit. I’m also half-refusing to capitalize my posessive i-words.

Last year before the rona-storm encroached on our 2020 year, I had really big plans…We had the wheels in motion to franchise Bare Essentials, i had a bunch of travel plans for upcoming trainings, i was planning to go to Los Angeles to spend time with my PMU mentor… hahahahahah, JK 2020!!! I’m hoping that since this year started off differently (without false hopes of it being a brand new start), that maybe it’ll be a different year and that summertime will bring some normalcy. Don’t tell Peter, but i’m planning on attending a training in Las Vegas in October. Good thing he doesn’t read my ramblings here.

This year i have a few plans/goals that are set in stone and will happen regardless of the year’s outcome! Here goes:

  1. We’re rebranding Bare Essentials with a new name, and a new look! I’ve been leaking this tidbit for some time now, and a lot of people ask why. See, when i started BE in 2009 (wow, 12 years ago!!), my vision was short-term. I was just doing this waxing thing to make some cash, but my real push was for my wedding stationery business. Yes, i was designing wedding stationery. It wasn’t until 2017 that i realized Bare Essentials was already trademarked. More on this on another blog post, but for now — some of you may already have noticed the new name: WAXONOMY. Once the ball is in motion for all the newness, i’ll take you guys along on the journey! SO. MUCH. FUN. 2021 can’t take that away from me.
  2. I’m launching some new courses! My first course is *ALMOST* done, i’m working on uploading it to my training platform this week, and i have a couple of people i’m leaking it to for testing purposes. It’s a skill that i’ve trained my own staff on, and something that there isn’t alot of out there just yet, so if you’re reading this and you’re in esthetics in some capacity, DM me and i’ll add you to my launch list!
  3. We’re adding to our Exclusive product catalogue! And i don’t just mean my online store, i mean i’ve got new products that are MY OWN with MY NAME on it. Some are for end-users, and some are for trade. I really hope you guys love them all because they take a lot of energy and back-and-forth with labs to create, a lot of time and financial investment… My first go at my own product was with our scrubs and lotions, and you guys LOVE them. Fingers crossed, i’ll have a restock on lotions in the first half-of this year.

I have other projects on the go this year, but some things can be secret, right? I’ve got all of my goals written down, and i have sticky notes for each task leading up to each goal organized in a timeline on my office wall. If it’s not on that wall, it ain’t happening. I wanna hear your goals! Can someone who reads this actually leave a comment? Cause you guys never do, and i legit care. LEAVE ME A COMMENT. Maybe if i beg you’ll do it.

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