I promised lots of new new things in 2021, and this upcoming week is going to be YUGE… YUGE! So the first of the newness is starting with a new look with my brow account — I’ve been @browsbylaurie_ for a while, and although not long ago I actually accidentally was able to drop the “_” at the end of my handle (which I was so excited about), it’s time for a new name.

I was listening to an IG live a few weeks ago: Tina Davies (a pillar in PMU, permanent makeup) was doing an IG live with Sheila Bella (my PMU business mentor/coach), and she dropped a hint in the recap that she was going to offend people with her least favourite name in the business. I had to go listen, I love tea. So lo and behold, her least favourite kind of PMU business account name is… you guess it: “brows by ______”

Mortified. Not surprised though, but laughingly I messaged her and said, “don’t worry Sheila, the rebrand is coming!” I had been planning this rebrand since last year, but for some reason was always hesitant to pull the trigger. The big reason I was thinking of switching from @browsbylaurie to @lauriehannoush.pmu is because I do so much more than just brows. I didn’t want to be pigeonholed into being known for just brows, although it is my specialty. I do lip blush, liner tattoo, lash lifts, anything and everything beauty, and the service options that come to market changes on a regular basis. There are new things coming up all the time! I didn’t want to be stuck to it. I also am, as you are fully aware, developing my own trainings — so it was time.

Why does change freak us out so much? I think I was always worried my name wasn’t “sexy” enough, that it wouldn’t catch. There are plenty of other artists who use their full name as their brand: Sheila Bella, Suzie McIntosh, Shay Danielle, Tina Davies… (these are all BIG players in the cosmetic tattoing industry)… Why was I so hung up on being Laurie Hannoush?

If 2020 taught me anything, it was that: I am my own biggest cheerleader, my biggest competition, I can do anything I set my mind to, and I’m a leader in my industry. What was I so afraid of? So I took ownership of my position. If I was truly coming into my claim to be the “Brow Queen,” I had to walk its path in its entirety. Being an expert doesn’t just stop at being good something, you have to raise others up to join you. Rise and help rise, right?

I’ve had people in my circle ask, aren’t you creating your own competition? No, not really. I can teach anyone the “how-to,” but the art lies in the artist’s hands. I heard Shay Danielle (@shaydanielle.pmu) say that on a podcast once, forever ago… and it was like a light went off in my head. It’s just like any other artform — painting, drawing, digital art… Courses are out there in abundance, so what’s stopping me from putting my hat in the ring? I’ve taken a million and one courses, and I know what I like/don’t like, what worked for me… It’s time to share the wealth. So I let go of my inhibition, and started the transformation from being just @browsbylaurie to being @lauriehannoush.pmu, an industry leader, a trainer, and expert. Time for a new look.

You may remember from past posts, or even just being engaged on my social media, that I’m actually a graphic designer. I haven’t done any official design work (other than things for myself) in what seems like eons, so my design tools are rusty, and I hired a designer on Upwork whose style I enjoyed. 3 rounds of edits later, I decided that I hated it and it had to be me. So I did it… I designed my logo. I’m pretty happy with it, so let me know what you guys think when you see it!

The new handle will transition this week, the new logo will be released, I’ve got some fun new MERCH for my clients with my logo… again, lots of newness. This upcoming week I’m launching a new product, as well as a new course. I have more courses in the hop, and I think if it wasn’t for lockdown 2.0, I wouldn’t have nearly this much time to focus on course creation. I still say this past year was a challenge, for sure… But coming out the other side is like Phoenix rising out of the ashes. Keep an eye out this week on the ‘gram, I’ll be dropping mad hints and giving you guys the opportunity to sign up for my course wait list! I’m SO excited for 2021. For the first time. Seriously.

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