Brows are the frame of your face– you want to give them attention. They set the tone, they enhance, they add structure & personality. Don’t underestimate the power of a strong brow game! There are a variety of services available for different needs & goals, take a look at the menu below and as always if you have any questions, just ask!

brow menu

Brow Lamination
By restructuring your brow hairs, the brow lamination will allow you to brush your brows in any direction and have them be tamed without the use of brow gel. Down-growing brows? No problem. Lacquer Brow Lamination has it under control. Trying to extend the life of your brow tattoo and make it last before your touchup? Brushing them upwards might help them look fuller. Lamination lasts 6-8 weeks. Combine it with a brow tint for extra oomph. (** cannot be combined with Brow Henna)

Natural looking hairstrokes will be drawn into your skin using a micro blade. This manual technique is best reserved for normal to dry skinned clients to achieve the sharpest, most crisp strokes. 

Combination Brows
By combining microbladed strokes with shading, we can achieve dense but still natural looking brows! Can’t decide if you want ombré or microblading? You can have the best of both worlds with a combo brow.

Ombre Powder
Pixels of pigment will be deposited into your skin, giving you the appearance of a more filled in brow. The pigment/shape can be as soft or as bold as you prefer! This technique can be done on oily or dry skin

Brow Henna
Not sure about a brow tattoo? Want something that lasts longer than a tint? Henna will stain your skin up to 2 weeks, and your brow hairs up to 6 weeks. The end result is a soft, powdery look similar to ombré/powder brows. 

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