Lashes are the ultimate “I woke up like this” tool. You want to look fresh? You want that get up & go? Always looking on point with just a quick wash of the face? Up the lash game my friend.

lash menu

Lash Lift
The easiest, quickest service with the best bang for your buck. The lash lift will curl your lashes, giving them the justice they deserve. Your lashes are likely longer than you think, but you can’t tell when they’re straight! Curl them without the use of a lash curler, and it’ll give them life. Add a tint to give them more smoulder! 

Lash Enhancement
A super subtle lash line tattoo that will darken your lash line. Pigment is implanted in between your lashes, just along the lash line. Skip the liner, this won’t sweat or wash off. Don’t worry, you’re completely numbed!

Classic Liner
Want more than just a lash enhancement? Get a bit more body to your liner, and maybe add a wing for some drama. Lasts 2-5 years before you’ll need to wing this liner! Don’t worry, you’re completely numbed!

Smokey Liner
Not a crisp liner fan and you like your liner smokey and smudgey? Smokey liner brings all the drama without the headache. Don’t worry, you’re completely numbed!

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