Thread Like a BOSS

Hi, I’m Laurie! I’ve been doing brows for years and have earned the title of the “Brow Queen” in my area. I’ve been training my own staff on threading for years, and I finally decided to put everything I know about this essential brow grooming service into an online course for YOU. Stop turning clients away that can’t wax! Add this essential tool to your brow grooming toolkit and you won’t look back.

Learn how to thread brows like the beauty boss that you are!

Some “back-of-the-napkin” calculations…

You don’t have to figure it out alone!

Youtube videos can only take you so far. Watch me spill all of my brow secrets in one place, and gain access to my exclusive support group on Facebook. We’ll talk tips, tricks, and troubleshooting — and you’ll have first access to new content coming to the course vault.

Here’s what’s included in this course:

Hair Growth Cyles

Why is it important to know about hair growth, and how often should your clients be threading?

Client Consent Forms

What information should you gather? How do you get all of this info and where do you store it? I also include a guide on creating your own form.

Brow Mapping

Here’s where I dish how to spot trouble areas, and how to tackle them. Learn how to map out your client’s brows for the best possible outcome.

Setting up your Thread

How do you set up your thread to perform the service? What kind of thread do you use? I’ve outline all the do’s and don’ts of threading for you!

Brow Glossary!

Confused about the terminology to use? Learn the lingo and speak like the pros.

Watch it in Action

Watch me thread and go through everything that can go on, and how to troubleshoot this procedure.

Are you excited to learn this in-demand service?

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